Meet Hannah Sue Ritter - Chrysalis, Inc.

My Journey...


The beginning of my journey with women started when I was asked to develop prayer for women in the church we were attending in Denver, CO. Shortly after that I found myself pursuing a degree in Clinical Social Work which led me again into ministry with women who needed support for issues of abuse in the suburbs of Denver and the Inner City. It turned out that our family spent six years during that course of study serving in Nigeria, West Africa which was formational in terms of understanding that women are alike all over the world. As a result I've always been drawn to women across cultures. When I returned to the States, I felt led to start a non profit with a business at it's core where women could learn job skills and "dress for success" with clothes donated by wealthy women who lived in the foothills of Denver. 

Right in the middle of all of this seemingly fruitful time, I was hit with a life threatening illness which was compounded by family issues, and I found myself crying out to God. That became the turn in my road. I had always been a woman who believed in God and progressively sought Him in different ways but somehow this chapter connected my head and my heart in a much deeper way. I believe it had to do with my false conception of the third person of the Trinity. The role that the Holy Spirit plays in our lives had been on the periphery of my experience and now became a force of great importance. At this juncture, my husband and I decided to attend a ministry school in Redding, CA. I was immersed in a culture that blended the power and love of God along with the character of a Christian that I had never before experienced. That season evolved into a passion for life. I knew who I was in God's eyes, my purpose, and the ministry I specifically had to women. We accepted a call to a church in Texas as a third year of "hands on" experience and served as Pastoral Leaders. 

After the culmination of those years, I felt like God was saying "resurrect" the ministry you had in Denver. I began asking God for encounters. The result has been meeting women, talking with them, and very quickly connecting in our faith. Gathering them once a month has been a way for them to catch the vision of how God sees them and their purpose to a much greater degree.  It's a process that allows them to grab hold of and wrestle with the deeper meaning of their lives, their calling,  When we miss that core understanding we lose the joy and passion for a life so worth living!! That passion is mine to pass on.