Stories and Comments by our Women

Comments on Tea and Topics

The format of Tea and Topics is so beneficial!  It provided an intimate and a safe place to meet and grow in relationship with other women.  A good time structure .  I felt a heart connection with the group - the Holy Spirit was always there with us.  The TEA format was fun and helped bring connection and create unity.  I felt loved and valued as seen by others - I was prayed for and encouraged.  Also made lasting friendships.                     D.L.


The TEA format was just a beautiful and restful atmosphere - even  more so because I knew a couple of the people at the onset.  The questions, focus, affirmation all made it powerful and safe time.  I noticed people had a different pace of disclosing feelings and hard things.  Everyone needs this place to be real.  It was an amazing fun time!  God, the Holy Spirit and Hannah all seemed to work together to impact and breathe life into how we see each other.  I didn't realize how hungry we all seemed to have been for true connection, being real, supporting one another and bringing out the gold!                      H.B.